Get Involved

Heatherdale Preschool has a long history of strong family involvement in the many activities at the Preschool. From helping out on duty, joining in at working bees and covering books for the library to becoming a member of the Committee of Management, the skills, enthusiasm and time volunteered by individuals, and the support of their families in doing so, are highly valued. Without the efforts of all parents at Heatherdale Preschool, it is difficult for the Preschool to function effectively.

Contribute Supplies Donations and Skills

If any parents have access to supplies of play materials such as paper, cardboard, soft wood off-cuts etc., we would very much appreciate hearing from you.  We are also interested in any special talents you may like to share with us, such as playing a musical instrument, bread making, spinning, weaving, pottery, art, dance or being a printer, gardener or electrician. Please contact

Suggestions for Improvement

We welcome and appreciate suggestions for improvement throughout the year, and also have biannual parent surveys, one in April and one at the end of the year.  Please contact